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What is KipeeCraft?

KipeeCraft, short KC, is a Crafting Simulator for The Saga of Ryzom MMORPG. KC mimics the ingame crafting window and offers almost all available materials and crafting plans to experiment with. The program works completely offline and doesn't need a Ryzom Installation to run. It maintains its own fully customizeable Material Database and Tools. Please see Features for all details. Get the latest Version at the Download Page!

What can it do for me?

The main goal of KC is to organize, backup and exchange your Recipes in a convenient way. Many crafter used to write down their notes on paper or created text files. The basic idea was a "PDF reader for Recipes" where Recipes could be created and modified in a visual way, similar to the game. Thus KC was born.

With the current version you are able to:

Does it work on Windows 10?

Yes, see this lovely Screenshot of my Netbook running KipeeCraft on Windows 10. It should work with any version of Windows, even down to Windows 98!

20170120 - added a link to download beta versions and test future features of KipeeCraft
20160610 - added CDS Edit as separate download if you need to edit/export/import the database directly
20160518 - KipeeCraft downloads were updated to adress a "false positive" issue with some anti virus programs
20160306 - Links Section has been updated
20160306 - KipeeCraft pre 1.2 "Totally not planned Edition" released to the public & homepage relaunch
20140718 - KipeeCraft 1.1a "Still alive Edition" released to the public
20120718 - KipeeCraft 1.1 released to the public & new homepage!


Kipee! Nomnomnom!